Sharing friends with an ex?

My Ex boyfriend dumped me about 3 months ago because he felt our relationship didn't have a future. I didn't agree and was very sad, but we didn't fight about it. We went No Contact after that . We share a lot of friends who enjoy activities together weekly. The problem is, my ex does not want to remain friends with me-or at least "friendly". I have bumped into him socially and he prefers we ignore one another, which I think is silly. How do I navigate our social circle if he would rather we ignore each other than civilly socialize? I feel like this makes our group hang outs awkward for our friends, and they've started inviting us to separate events. I don't appreciate this, because I would like to enjoy my life as normal and he is the one who takes issue with it, not me. I should add I am not using the "friends" excuse to get back together. What have others done in this situation


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  • Go ahead and live your life as you chose to and you don't anyone's approval.


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