We broke up. I begged. he said for us just to take break for 1 or 2 months. but already has a new gf?

my boyfriend and i broke up after 4 months of dating. i begged for him not to leave. he sincerely said he still loves me and doesn't want to lose me. he just needs a break for a month or 2. i cried, he was trying to comfort and got so sad when i said i dont want him to text nor call me anymore. then the next day, i post videos and photos on instagram that im fine, happy and loving my life to the fullest and that continued for two weeks. i got so busy and happy. and he was too showing photos and videos that he never got affected with the break up. but after my last photos wearing bikinis, he just unfollowed me on instagram. then he posted that his ex girlfriend is at his house with him that he’s very proud that she’s there with him. what was he trying to imply?
so after 32 days of no contact, he messaged me and said he misses me so much and wants to see me right at this hour. the ex-gf is at his place right now. he wants to see me and have me back.
i asked him if they had a fight, he said no. he just realized that im the one for him.
i told him he has to think 100x on what he wants.


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  • Game over. Don't waste any time or emotion trying to figure it out. Get on with your life.

    • thank u... if thats the best thing to do, i will do it. im struggling... really... but im trying so hard

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    • Yeah, I'm not a mind reader but from your description he sounds pretty sketchy. Cut loose and don't look back. Don't beat yourself up thinking you've done anything wrong. Some people just suck, such is life!

    • ok... i surely will. i will keep on moving up then. thank u so much for the effort in explaining to me. it just feel so sad coz i dont really want to keep on dating with different guys... thats so tiring. maybe, i will just stay single forever

  • If he really loved you and didn't want to lose you, he would have tried to work things out between the two of you to figure out what went wrong and how it can be fixed. Taking a break is either prolonging the problem or is an excuse to break out of a relationship based on the research and experiences I've studied. It sounds like you loved him very much, but something went wrong for him to break it off with you like that. Seems like he moved on since he didn't make any effort to contact you and allowed his ex-girlfriend to hang around him.

    The best advice I can give you here is to think back about what went wrong and improve upon it! Not all relationships work out accordingly and if you learn from them and take that knowledge to the next guy you met, you'll be more prepared for the next relationship! A tip for the future, it's ok to express your emotions about how you feel but begging is not the most effective way to try to win a person's heart back; being calm and confident while expressive shows maturity and a desire to fix the situation.

    • thank u Kyren... it was just that day when we broke up that i begged for him not to leave me.
      i asked him if he’s going to see other girls if we’re “on break” and he said yes. he said that he still wants to see me coz he still loves me. but i told him that that won't work for me and that i respect his decision for him to leave me coz i love him, but i dont want to be in the picture anymore if there’s gonna be another girl. we didn't have a bad break up.
      why did he have to unfollow me and post a video with his ex-girlfriend?

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    • it won't allow me to send you a message add me on instagram elspeth_rago

    • Try replying to the message I sent you! If that doesn't work, I'll talk to you on Instagram!

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  • 4 months and you begged? Fuck. I've had cleaner break ups than that after 4 years

    • thats just how i love a person... i dont like to play around...

  • move on fuck him

    • yeah... thats what i am doing. i never contacted him. my social media is showing that i never cared of our break up... is this the best thing to do? we’re no contact for 3 weeks already...

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    • No worries, it will take time. Good look on your journey.

    • thanks for being honest amd kind jimbo...

  • Are you sure he got a girlfriend or just assuming?

    • yes. an ex-girlfriend. he posted it on instagram that they’re together at his apartment. and she’s wearing comfortable clothes

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    • and he knows that im jealous of this girl.

    • I can’t text

  • "we were on a break!!!"

    is all i keep thinking about, when reading the title, LMAO

    • like really? hanging out with the ex-gf and posting it on social media. it’s a slap on my face. I've treated him so well, like a king! so u know

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