Should I try to move on?

Few months ago we had fwb. I got feelings for her, told her, she said we should end the friends with benefits and not hangout as much. She told me before all of that that she didn't want a relationship and she just wants to not be tied down right now. I've told her that I will chase her until she is ready and wants to date. That was a few months ago. She still talked to me a decent amount after I told her that but Now we barely talk. We barely text each other anymore and when we do its not long conversations even though I try to text her at least once a day. We barely hangout anymore when we used to chill close to everyday. I still have the same feelings for her but I don't know what to do. Should I try to move on or is she trying to see how hard I will stay on through thick and thin? She tells me its not fair for me to wait for her and that there are other girls for me. But I just want her. I've got it bad.


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  • Sucks dude, but if you have the power in you drop her. If you get into a relationship with her it's going to be very one sided and not a team effort like it should be. I know you want her, cause I have been there myself.

    What she is doing to you is unfair, and it's unfair to yourself to chase her and hurt yourself like this. Drop her, and try and find someone else.

    • I know consciously that this whole thing is unfair. Iknow it. But since I do have feelings for her it sucks to know what I should do would be severely beneficial to me instead of what I want to do. It hurts especially sinec I want her more than I ever wanted my ex.

    • No matter what it's gonna hurt, and you'll probably make things more awkward in the works. Best bet is to try and keep yourself busy, and maybe you will continue to try and make things work with her. At least untill you meet someone else, most likely at that point you'll be able to forget about her.

      Do your best to forget her untill you do meet someone else. Lose her number, make conversation with other girls, just do your best to dead the semiawkward relationship you have with her now.

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