Ex doesn't want me to go completely?

He dumped me for reasons beyond our control.

He still loves me (or so he claims).

The most painful part was the weeks before our breakup. He acted so cold and was basically a douche bag.

After we broke up, like, 3 minutes after, he started being all loving and as if telling me we're broken up is what was bothering him, and now that it's out he's fine and happy with me again, but yet still doesn't want to be with me.

After though, he tried to move on with another girl. This girl has been a pest for the last part of our relationship.

When she stopped showing interest in him, I guess he realized I'm still the only girl available, starts returning my texts and calls, and even calling me on his own (1 time only though).

My problem is,

he doesn't text me on his own, he doesn't love me enough to get back with me, but he doesn't want me to move on?

Is he just selfish? Doesn't want me to go yet because he himself hasn't moved on? I'm worried if we keep talking I'll fall right back in love with him and then he'd have moved on and break my heart once again...


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  • I'm gonna try my best to help you since you're trying with me. How do you think he'd react to you leaving him alone COMPLETELY. When my ex and I were in a similar relationship in the past, I broke up with her, got a rebound and basically I dragged her alone the entire relationship. Why? She allowed me to, by the constant trying to talk to me, trying to hang out with me. I knew I still had her and she wasn't going to move on. Close to the end of the 2nd month, she called, said she was gonna move on and was done. Of course, I didn't believe her at first, but a day passed and I didn't hear from her, another day passed, another and another, I started to wonder. So I texted her, she ignored it. I called her and she straight up told me, she doesn't want anything to do with me if I'm still gonna be with that girl. I made a choice, for her. Why? Well because I truly thought I lost the best thing that happened to me, she allowed me to drag her alone the duration of my relationship with the rebound, I'm sure if she would have told me she was gonna move on from the very beginning, and ACTUALLY left me alone, she would have gotten me back sooner.Think so? I really do, the more she begged, the more it pushed me to be with the rebound because I knew I had both..


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