Will she ever get over him?

There is a girl that I like and we talk all the time for a few hours every day. We pretty much know everything about each other and we get along real well. The problem is though is that she likes one of my old friends and the reason we aren't friends anymore is because he has become a real jerk. She keeps going back to him even though he puts her down emotionally and verbally and every time I have been there along with her and my friends to help her through it but every time she goes back. This has happened about 5 or 6 times now I am getting tired of the same old thing every time. Me and my friends are now starting to think it would be best if we just stopped helping her and let her realize that he isn't the best option. I am wondering is she ever going to get over this guy?


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  • chances are, she won't. once a girl is this dependant on a person, its very difficult for them to let go. that does not mean you should stop being her friend though.

    my friend knows a girl(16) who lives with her boyfriend(21) and he abuses her emotionally and physically. it's been so bad that she got pregnant and he beat her, almost every bone in her body was either fractured or broken and the fetus didn't survive. this was a the doctor's assessment BEFORE the X-rays. she still goes back to him.

    all you can really do, if you truly are her friend, is to help her by talking to her about it. very gently tell her that you don't like this guy and neither do the others. let her know that you care and you'd do anything to make it better, but if she doesn't try to let him go and kept at a distance you'll never completely be able to help her. I cannot guarantee that it won't hurt her to leave him, it will hurt like hell, but it will save so much emotional pain in the long run.

  • I think she will eventually, but don't count on it being anytime too soon


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