Why wouldn't my cousins let me date their best friend?

my two cousins are very close in age, and they have the same best friend. they have basically been like the three musketeers for years now.

however, I'm basically in love with their best friend. I've had feelings for him pretty much from the first day I met him. he is flirty with me too and I catch him staring at me from time to time. I never see him unless my cousins ask him to hang out with us. I decided to tell them that I had feelings for their friend and now they won't let me see him. they stopped inviting me to their parties and won't give him my number. I have no way of contacting him, so basically he is gone from my life. there just isn't a way to see each other without the help of my cousins.

i don't know what to do because I have had a crush on him for 5 years, and just recently he started to show signs of being into me too. its like a dream come true, until my cousins decided to put an end to it.

all people say is what a wonderful guy my crush is, so its not because they are protecting me from him. they say its because its "too weird" and I'm "not allowed to talk to them about it anymore because they refuse to help." every time I bring it up they get mad.

Could it be because he is 4 years older than me? (im 19 and he's 23). I don't care at all about the age difference. I really can't think of anything else, I am pretty heartbroken about this.


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  • probably think if you get in the middle of "3 musketeers" you'll ruin it. but you can't find him on facebook?

    • thats probably it. and he doesn't have a facebook :/

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  • I'm going to ignore all of the description and focus on the main question: WHO THE F*** THINK YOUR COUSINS ARE?! Do what pleases you the most, regardless of anyone else.

    • i can't do anything. I don't have his phone number and he doesn't have a facebook. I don't know where he lives. I have no way of contacting him unless my cousins help me. they are doing everything in their power to make sure I don't see him

  • dag... this sounds rough... my only advice to you... is to just go after him, esp wen you fam ain't looking...

    • i can't go after him, I have no way of contacting him. the only time we ever saw each other was when my cousins invited him. I don't have his number and he doesn't have a facebook. they purposely make sure we never see each other now

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  • If my cousins did that I'd give them a peice of my mind. But maybe its because they don't want you to come in between their friEndship. Maybe it could be that they just want tokeep you safe, there may be something you don't know about him..

    • i asked them if its because of something about him I shouldn't know, but they just keep saying "its too weird its like incest" and ridiculous stuff. they aren't even answering my calls anymore because they are so freaked out by it. its so obnoxious

    • Huh. Maybe they're just worried that you're growing up too fast?

      Other than that, I have no idea why they would be doing this :$

  • It could be because of the age difference and though he may be a nice guy, they might be protecting you from him because maybe he drinks too much or is more experienced than you. But I would just keep telling them how you really feel even if you have to bring up some tears. ask them why they object to it-maybe they have a good reason. And if they won't just tell them that if they give you a good reason then you won't bother them anymore. Or just lie and tell them that you have a boyfriend or something and you don't care about whatshisface so they'll let you see him again. Then when you see him, it may be your last chance so get that number.

    Another reason they may not want you to like him is because one of them like him which seems very possible.


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