How do I get over an ex-boyfriend?

Last weekend my boyfriend broke up with me and I have no deal why. All he said was that he wasn't feeling it anymore. I keep on telling myself that I'm over him but deep down I know that if he says something I know I'll fall right back for him again. How do I get over him because its driving me crazy, I seriously feel so weird without him.


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  • well, obviously you're not gonna be over hin;especialy if it's only been a week., and that's just fine because its normal.

    but to get over him, hang out with people &do things to get you're mind off of him. &maybe delete him ouuta you're contacts. it doesn't mean you guys can never talk again, it just means that you needa get over him,

    hope this helps(:

  • it's normal to feel weird when u've just broken up...i just went through a nasty breakup myself and no matter what I do to distract myself, it's only temporary...but I realized after abt 3 weeks that it does get better with said "he wasn't feeling it" then he's just not worth your time! sorry to be honest but if someone is as fickle as that then he isn't worth it at all! trust me girl, I'm 28 years old...and I've lived through some sh*t, DO NOT go back to something that isn't worth it, u're just gonna get hurt again...i say, move on and let HIM see that you're better off without him, I think that works for me getting over someone...hope this helps :)


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