Chances of getting back after getting dumped on Christmas Eve?...ouch

So this is my situation. I was wondering if a girl ever gets back with her ex after dumping him?

Basically what happened is I have ADHD and I was on a medication and it turned me personality without knowing it. I basically acted smothering and insecure when I was on the medication.

Our relationship is a long distance since I go to med school out of state. I showed up and she wouldn't stay in the hotel with me the two days I was there. The next day she came to my room and I was asleep and didn't hear the door and she thought I blew her off and canceled plans with me to go with her friends.

She invited me to hang out with her friends and all her friends hate me because they think I am a player. I tried to get her to leave her friends since she wouldn't see me for three months and she made it look like I was the bad guy for trying to get her away from her friends. She wouldn't go back and spend one on one time with me and then eventually ended up going to a strip club with friends.

She broke up with me the next day on Christmas eve. I told her if that’s what makes her happy then I am not the right guy for her, but I do care for her and would like to try to work through it. I told her if we stopped talking wed never see each other again due to distance. She was fine with it and I told her that is fine I will not contact you unless you contact me.

Long story short the next day on Christmas calling me saying she was so sorry and she f***ed up and she missed me so much and doesn’t want me out of her life. Its obvious she dumped me because she lost attraction for me, but do you guys think this can be salvaged or what I should do from this point?


Do you think there is a chance for us to get back together also?


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  • I think you might be better off with out her. I don't know if you two will get back together, you just have to figure out if it is the best relationship for you to have.


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't hold your breath! If she dumped you despite the holidays, then she is sick of you THAT much! So, move on, you sappy dumb ass! There are plenty of women out there! Yes it hurts now but it will get better over time (You stupid git!)


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