What should I do? need the both side opinion?

My boyfriend broke up with me 3x already and it hurts me so badly, don't know what to do,he keeps on changing his mind and he don't know what he really want. every time he broke up with me he always said he just carried away by his emotion and he was dumb to say those bad things about me because its not true and he didn't mean it because he thought it was the best thing for him. then I gave him another chance but this time he broke up with me again because of unacceptable reason "no enough time for me because his busy at work and he will go back to states" I asked him so many times that if he is sure about it or maybe he just in stress again or what but he said he made the right thing and he will never regret it I beg on him to stay but he walk away and after how many hours he changed his mind again and he said sorry need another chance he sent me dozen pink roses...

So what I'm going to do?another chance or no?why he acting like that? Cause every time were trying to fix this stuff he always hurt me.Please someone can give me best advice?thanks guys


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  • You shouldn't give him another chance. I can understand giving someone a second chance, but after that, you're no longer giving them a chance, but setting a pattern. He's shown you who he is and how it's going to be with him, so the real question is not do you want to give him another chance and has he changed, but if that you want more abuse.

    And, by the way, people (unless they have psychological problems) do what they believe is in their best interest. Therefore, he didn't break up with you for some weak reason such as "no enough time for me," that was just an excuse. He probably broke up with you because he was seeing, or thought that he had a chance with, someone else. Right now, you're old reliable. He can say or do whatever he wants to you, and he knows that it doesn't matter, that you'll take him back and give him "another chance."

    • hmmmn that's it?he keeps on changing his mind I do love him to leave but it hurts too much to stay... do you think?i need to move on now and forget him?sigh I'm crazy

    • I get the feeling that English isn't your native language so I'll keep this simple, but warning I may have to be blunt to do it. He liked you once, but no longer. Now, he's lying to you and leading you on. He is using you for his personal gratification (i.e. to get his jollies off). You should forget about him and move on. In other words, do not take him back for the fourth or fifth time.

    • okay thanks for the advice :)

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  • Unless he gets a therapist he probably won't improve this behavior. Three times is enough!

    Time to move on Katy and find someone less stressful for you!

    • :Hehehe Thanks,LOL now I know what to do because if I give him another chance maybe he will do it again hehe Thanks for the advice :)) Actually I always think I'm ugly that's why he broke up with me.

    • Fishing for compliments!

    • ahahahaha :P

  • You should dump him and date me.

  • Sounds like he might not be worth the trouble.

    • Really? I do love him so much to leave but it hurts me so badly to stay... my family is against with him from the start but I fight for him and I show to him that I really care for him and we can work this out even if they don't like him but he broke up with me 3x already

  • no more chances girl, its gonna keep happening.

    • Thanks for the advice... sigh lol

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    • my pleasure

    • :)

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