He is not returning my calls!!!

I would like to ask you for your advice.

I have being dating a guy for the past two months,he is divorced with a child and since a few months, his wife is being trying to get him back. She left him because of another man two years ago.

Last week was Xmas and since then, he is not talking to me. I guess something happened at the weekend with her...

What should I do?, should I wait and see if he comes back to me or should I call him and fight for him?

Thanks a lot


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  • do a combo of two things... wait on him, but also, move on in a way (if that makes sense)... obviously he is still in love witht the wife who left him... but that shouldn't mean you should put your life on hold because he is pussywhipped

    • Thanks, you are right about that...I am just in shock how the situation changed in a day, from being great to blocking any contact with me...I have being in a similar situation before but at the other site, and I told the other guy what was the story so he wouldn't suffer more or not knowing why I couldn't see him anymore...I just can't believe this is happening to me!

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  • you already called him so just drop it and wait for him to get in contact if he wants to


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