How to prove to your ex you're good enough for her?

I'm kind of crazy about my ex, we haven't been broken up long, but she got a new boy friend 3 days after we broke up which killed me. But we have both realized what went wrong with us. how can I prove I'm good enough to be back with her.

it was mainly jealousy that I thought she would leave me for one of her older guy friends, and she eventually did.


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  • You can't... The only way she is ever going to "see" that you are good is by being with someone else and having a good relationship. She is with someone else because she had him waiting in the wings for when it was over between you and her reguardless of how jealous you were. Don't communicate with her ever again. She left you for another guy, move on and date other girls.


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  • Don't bother mate, the fact she moved on in almost record time shows that sh*t doesn't care for you nearly as much as you do for her.

    Worst case scenario;

    She doesn't care about you AND she's a goldigga'

  • I broke up with my girlfriend and she got a new boyfriend in like 3 days also LOL! Some girls can't be without a man. They need someone in their life.


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