I still like him but he has a girlfriend. Is it wrong? And what should I do?

OK me and this guy started being friends..At first it was just normal and stuff but then he started walking me to class everyday,giving me hugs,poking all the time..And next thing you know he is asking me for my #..So we text everyday and he tells me he likes me and I liked him too...We hang out more...But then his ex becomes available and he starts to act weird towards me...We still friends but I told him how I felt about it(bad mistake) and he acts more weird..he doesn't want to hug anymore or do all the other stuff...I still like him but he has a girlfriend so is that wrong?and how can I get things back like it use to(if that's even the right thing to do?)


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  • He got back with his ex-girlfriend? He obviously likes you. It doesn't make sense that he went back to her when he was showing all indication that he likes you. Its even more obvious that he is making a big mistake getting back with a girl which he broke up with when he can find happiness else where.

    Don't even bother getting things the way it used to be. If he couldn't appreciate you when you were clearly in front of him, then drop him. Who wants to be with someone who places old news over what's current? Move on!


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