Contacting an ex just to say hi?

So I friend of mine talked to me today that she saw my ex in front of her at the Starbucks. Just thinking about saying hi and seeing what's up. I also want to kind of bury that hatchet if you will because the break up didn't end well and its been a year and a half now and I think we could be friends. Would it be a good idea to do that at all or would it seem pathetic especially around the holidays like I have nothing else to do. If not what should I say.


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  • I think that's really nice of you and she would likely be really grateful if you did, because that would show your intelligence and also show that you are mature enough to know when to just let the past be the past and move on and that you don't harbor bad feelings anymore.

    My ex contacted me once to tell me he was sorry, even though it was my fault, and it gave me SO much respect for him after that, even more than I had before.

    Good for you for putting others first and understanding what the holidays TRULY mean - its not pathetic at all. Its admirable!


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  • I'm sorry if you burned that bridge then you can be friends. she have to be really forgiving. and after a year you guy would not be friends but just know each other.

    all in al its always OK to check up on a person. doesn't matter who they are. that's what facebook is for.

    • she burned me, not me her, or thought I'd forgive her and all and be friend because although she did that she is deep deep ...deep down a good person

  • let it stay buried. honestly, if you're waiting this long to even set things right then you should just leave things as they are.


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