Why does my ex keep contacting me?

He says were not getting back together, but hell ask me who I'm with, if I'm talking to anyone and so on. His not talking to anyone he says, and when I ask him if he still loves me he says he doesn't love nobody anymore and that he doesn't care about love. Its been 3 months since our brake up I want him but his so complicating. What should I do? And why does he contact me?


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  • Short answer. Ex's keep girls as friends for easier relations. Since there is history between you two, it's much easier for him to have sexual encounters with you cause of your past feelings. And more often than not, you still have them.


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  • Because he's probably used to talking to you so much that it's out of habit for him. My sister and her ex broke up over 6 months ago and he still texts her a lot (wishing her Merry Christmas, asking her what she's up to, if she wants to hang out). He has no intention of getting back together and she would never take him back, but he still craves that connection - platonic.

    Respond in short but curt responses. Leave no room for conversation. If he asks, "what's up?" Say, "nothing much." and that's it. And don't even ask him "how about you?"


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