Why would she ask if she were an ex?

OK so I am kind of doing a favor for this girl I am interested in and all signals point that she is interested in me too. So today she asked me what was going on with the task that I was doing for her as a favor, I tell her "Lets find out, let me text her"..She then says something along the lines of "Is she an EX of yours or something? And why does she have your personal cell phone?". Why would she ask such things? - clueless agent


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  • Gee, it sounds like her favor was a hook to get into you and now she wonders if someone like you with all those outside connections is actually playing her.

    If it's not a player's game, then she's a bit jealous and has been attracted to men with secrets that spoiled the potential relationship.

    How much do you know about her?

    Begin turning these questions around on her after politely dismissing them - should be interesting to see if she's a player or afraid of being played ... not to mention getting you both closer together.

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