Do you ever tell your ex that you moved on because of them?

Do you ever tell your ex a month later that she learned to move on fast because that is what you taught her? She broke up with me almost three weeks ago and I have learned that she has a new guy

Interestingly, she sorta keeps things and matters that we usually do like not being close to guy friends, sleeping on time, dating during montharies the likes.

It's as if you are watching the same TV show and only the leading man of that show gets replaced.

Im confused and she tells me that she will correct the mistakes she did in our relationship to this new relationship that she has.

Help anyone thanks


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  • I f***ing hate my ex right now! He's a f***ing d***head!

    • Why ma'am?

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    • Naww. now You just made me 1 % happier. That's so nice of you. I wish you the best for your journey and I hope you find that special someone. :D Smiled again :D

    • that 1% my friend would turn to a hundred and one ^_^ think that he lost a great girl and start to rebuild yourself, hang out with your friends and you will realize that a lot of them are around and that this guy isn't the only person in your life my friend ^_^ try praying to God for a peaceful heart and I promise you you will feel much much stronger and better =))

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  • no, that is strange


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