He cheated on me the day after we got married

we first me t when we were 16. we have been together for 6 years 4 years into the relationship we had our first kid together. we got married about 3 weeks ago and while on our honeymoon I caught him kissing another girl on the lips. he has never kissed or touched or talked to another girl in the wrong way. I don't know f I should confront him about it or just let it go and watch him about it.

thanks guys for your advice. when I did confront him all he told me was that it was an impulse. I asked him if he has done that before and he told me he hasn't before. I wish I could see if he was lying about it. but after confronting him he beat me.
i ended up int he hospital for about 3 days with bad bruising and a broken rib because of him. he's never done anything like that before. but now we are divorced and he has no visitaon rights to the kids.


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  • Ouch.

    Obviously you two have serious history together. Meeting at 16 and remaining together for nearly six years. Now you have a child together and have taken it a step further- marriage.

    It seems very strange that he has decided to kiss another woman, while on your HONEYMOON of all times, especially with a prior history of never doing such things.

    This is a very sticky situation considering your newlyweds and have a child together. Although divorce is a step, it is a HUGE step and I doubt that has crossed your mind.

    I think you need to sit down and have a serious, open discussion. Approach him and ask what made him do it and remain calm and open to his reasonings. Perhaps he had cold feet following the wedding and wanted to get it out of his system- six years of one woman, even before marriage, is a long time with a single person. But despite his reasoning, you need to make it known that you will not tolerate such behavior. You two are married now, and more importantly, you have a family. It is not acceptable for either of you to cheat on each other because it is not only hurtful, it is hurtful for your family.

    Don't outleash and go nuts on him, but be open and calm and show that you must have respect and trust in your relationship and that you wouldn't do something like that to him and you expect the same trust and respect from him.

    Good luck, and I hope everything works out!


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  • Yikes. Never let something fester with your partner. And especially when it comes to potential infidelity.

    You certainly need to have the serious talk you're probably not wanting to have - you just need to do it and do it calmly. And, yeah, it might not be the first time either.

  • lololololol wow I was going to say ya tell his ass and it looks like he told you lololol


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  • You really should have said something to him about it. And if he feels weird then he knows that he did wrong, and you should punish him. I don't know how because you are married but you should let him and and take some kind of action so that he'll know to never do it again.

  • confront him. honestly, this probably isn't the first time he cheated on you.

  • confront him

    • I am sorry to hear he beat you and you got a divorce! Good luck in your life next time... :)

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