Can anyone tell me? Why would he cheat?

why do guys cheat? I know this guy, he and I are good friends, he is in a relationship with a girl and when he and first started hanging out,( because I would go to his house and watch movies or we go out and play pool.) I didn't know this. When he told me he had a girlfriend, I told him if it was going to be problem with her that he and I were friends and hanging out, I would back off and he said it didn't not matter and that they were "not that serious" and that "it was a long story when it came to their "relationship".

Long story short, he has been making small advances and trying to get with me and I would never do that to anyone, (because if the shoe was on the other foot I would not be happy.) I just would like a little insight as to why he would want to cheat on her. I know she lives in another town and what not but...why bother being in a "relationship", with a girl that wants to be with you and then go behind her back and cheat...or try to cheat on her. Why does it not phase you?


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  • guys cheat for the same reason women cheat..."not that serious...(history)" is the verbal sign that cheating is up either in progress or eventually

    as for the reason to him cheating with what you've stated, you'd be another girl on his back burner, another girl in another city, local girl for his LDR girl depending on where he's give him something that he can't get from her whether it's being together and/or long distance


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