My ex lover of 2 and a half ears ruined my life, help.

I met my ex through a aquaintences, who I should have known better to stay away from. my ex is a toxic person, a liar, very manuplative, self absorved, insecure. not to mention he has mild aspergers syndrom (he cannot understand others' point of view). we were friends for about a year before we have started dating, we weren't the greatest friends, I was truly never interested in being his friend due to his weirdness, we were pretty much a two different person almost like beauty and the beast, and I heard rumors floating around that he liked me more than a friend, but I didn't care, because I had a boyfriend at the time and things were great and we stopped talking, but a year after that we had started to hangout again and he begged me to go out with him, so putting me in a awkard position I said yes, and I just went with the flow, I don't know what the hell I was thinking to be honest, because I never liked him before, but as the time went by and I fell head over heel in love, I never have felt love before, I was always afraid to commit, and it just happened,i loved it, although he was going to college 3 months in to our relationship so we were in long distance relationship,we both cheated and broke up for about 8 months and never spoke to each other, well he tried to talk to me but I refused, because I found someone else, but it wasn't like what me and my ex have shared, I know I would never feel the way I felt for him for anyone else, and he dropped out of college to be with me again in the summer, and we started dating again for almost 10 moths things were pretty rocky, knowing that the trust wasn't there anymore, he fooled me completely, I was blinded by what love was though I knew he never fully cared, because he didn't know how to, and I stuck with him, and we have talked about marriage and spending the rest of our lives together and etc, it sucks because I have invested everything into our relationship and he has to, and I know he loves me just not as much as I love him. or he could be just lusting, he was always jealous and boastful, also he tried to make me jealous all the time by talking about other girls, so I went full out by making him jealous and it worked and he never did it again and said I hurt his feelings and that all of the problem was me and that I am crazy, I am so very hurt because I could have left him long time ago but I gave him multiple chances, no one would have blamed me if I left the relatinoship for good, but I stayed because I loved him. and now he's just going around talking siht and saying I am insane... is this really the person I fell in love with or is he just bitter? I wonder if he even has a soul, should I move on or try to talk to him? I tried to talk to him and he tells me were done for good, but we have broken up a lot and got back together, he told me he's heard something from someone that hurt his feelings, and it probably not true and he won't even tell me what it is about... what should I do?


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  • Paragraph breaks please.

    I didn't read it since it's rather long and a solid block of text. I'd suggest just moving on. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't marry him. Find something you truly love and do it. Others will notice how happy you are and want to be with you.

    Hatred is scar tissue on the heart. It is never a good thing to carry that around. If you feel that you still need to vent at him, write him a letter then burn it instead of mailing it. It gets all that off your chest and you don't have to deal with any backlash from him.

    Hope everything works out for you in the end.


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