Girlfriend still loves ex?

Okay so me and my girlfriend have been going out for almost a month and she sometimes still talks/texts her x boyfriend and I asked her one day if she still loved him and she said yes she does because she couldn't just give upp feelings for someone all at once and I don't see how after he did her so bad butt ohh well.. so my question is what should I do? I have a lot of feelings for her butt I just don't feel like getting played and I love her and she tells me she loves me also we have been really good friends for along time before we ever started dating so any advice?

forgot to throw in her x tells me he still loves her and wants her back and I have done told him to leave her alone..


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  • What your girlfriend said is true, it's hard to give up feelings for someone all at once. Talking and texting is normal, better then that it is a sign that she can have good relationships with ex boyfriends. My advice would be to trust her and make sure she knows that you are there for her. If talking or texting her ex really bothers you, you need to reflect on why that is. She has been really honest in expressing how she feels and you should return the favor.

    I don't think she is playing you, if she was she wouldn't be honest about her feelings for her ex.

    • Alright thanks for the advice :) sometimess I get blinded bye jealousy butt tryin to make myself better.

  • She said she still loves her ex. That should be enough. And don't be afraid of being jealous! You have every right. Honestly, my personal opinion is that she is just using you to try to get over him. Yes, it does take time to get over someone you love but normally you wouldn't put yourself into another relationship with those feelings and you certainly wouldn't admit to them. It just sounds a little weird to me. I would def question your relationship with her. I don't mean to sound harsh but your girlfriend that you love is STILL texting and calling her EX BOYFRIEND and said she STILL LOVES him. Red flags!

    I wish you the best and hope that you could try and see it from this angle. If I was in your shoes I would take a break from the relationship until she could figure out who she loves and who she doesn't. It's just way to shady.

    • Thanks for the great advice I thought about it long and hard and told her it was suppose to be one heart and one love and that we need to quit seeing each other untill she can make up her mind. I can't understand her though because her x boyfriend did her so bad and left her for another girl but that didn't work out and now he wonts her back.. I think she just needs to mature a little bitt I still have a lot of feelings for her butt oooh well when one door is closed another one is always opened :)

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