Wtf is wrong with the male brain?

he ditched me for some chick, he told me when he f***ed her, he told me he wants me to worry about him AND he makes me worry about him all the F-ing time he told me she was sexy and hot..but not that he liked her, he said she reminded him of me. pretty sure he talks to me more then her, told me he cheated on her at his birthday party which she was at told me they are still together still talks to me

wtf...I can't get over him with him never letting me get a moments peace, why when he has a gf.. would he continue to talk to me? Was I a summer fling...a rebound or was he serious about me? he told me he liked me...we didn't go farther then kissing...we live 2 hours away from each other I am TRYING to get the f*** over it ...can someone explain why he won't let me?


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  • It is not that he won't let you get over him, its that you won't let yourself get over him. If you want to get over him and that requires that you have no contact from him, you need to block all possible ways that he is able to contact you.

    • The thing is though I worry about him, alot

      and he has taken advantage of that

      if I cut him out of my life then I will never know what he's up to

      and ill probably just worry more

    • Think about this, he has not only taken advantage of your feelings, but is hurting you in the process. A relationship is about communication, trust, and commitment. He is not sharing all of those things with you, and he chooses not to for whatever reason. It won't change and you can't make him change. He is treating you like a dog. Your young, forget him, and find something real. Why worry about him, do you think he worries about you. I don't think so. Forget him and be happy with yourself.

    • i agree with you.

  • The best way to get over things is not caring, according to theory.. Did you guys "friend zone" each other? That could be one way. Another would be consciously attempting to make you jealous. It's kinda working.

    • Its working eh? It isn't that I can't stop caring its that I don't want to stop

      Something keeps telling me that he still needs me

      I just want to understand why he would still talk to m if I never mattered

      so do you think he's talking to me because he actually cares or is he just adding me to his trophy collection?

    • I wish I knew the exact answer. "Adding" you is unlikely, "keeping" or more of a possibility. But I really cannot tell, depends on how manipulative he is. I do not know his intentions, and unfortunately, nor can I tell.

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