Dumped by ex again... yet somehow I'm surprised!

My ex who I dated for 3 years came back into my life and wanted me to be his girlfriend again and potentially marry me. Just want to make it clear that he pursued me when I just wanted to be friends. He was sort of dating a girl during this time and before and said he was going to break up with her and be with me. He didn't so I got involved and he said they broke up. Just found pictures of them 2 from that weekend in bed together, so they obviously got back together or didn't even break up. He's ignored my neutral few texts for the past 2 weeks. Just sent him a text saying I know that he didn't break up and called him a not so nice name. He only writes back he's in AC, I guess in a way to get me to leave him alone even though I know he had to work this week.

So hurt that he A) went back to hea when he asked me to be with him/marry him/move in again and B) lied to me about breaking up. I know he didn't want to hurt me or deal with me so he lied, but I don't understand how a guy could go from being head over heels in love with a girl to treating her with such indifference to her pain and running to another girl! Is it becuase I didn't agree to being with him so he felt rejected and ran to her within days or didn't really feel that way about me? Please be kind with your answers, I'm very upset!


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  • This guy is a huge jerk (I would choose another word but it would get blanked out haha). It's pretty clear that he doesn't care for you or this other girl he is seeing and doesn't mind playing with your heart and emotions. You need to completely forget about this guy and move on. I know how hard it is but you deserve so much better than that.


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