Help. This has to stop, but I feel like I can't. What can I do?

There's this girl I really like, but she's just treats me like absolute sh*t. I was just at my friend's party, and we were texting, and she basically told me she would kiss anyone but me. :(

At times though she treats me so good and makes me feel better than I've ever felt in my life.

As gay as this sounds... she's going to keep hurting my feelings. I need to break things off with her, but I just can't. What can I do to make myself able to end things?

I did it. I broke it off. It sucks, it hurts, I feel like I want to die, but at least it can't get any worse :)


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  • grow a pair and just do it. you're gonna be miserable until you do.

    • I did it and I'm still miserable, but I'm sure I'll stop acting like a little emo p**** eventually and be back to my old self.

    • good, never settle for a girl that treats you great only some of the time.

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  • You have low self esteem and are susceptible to emotional abuse and a bad partner.

    The part when she said she would kiss anyone but you is when you should have ended the conversation and deleted her number.

    So you crave attention.That's human nature,but that attention shouldn't come with the cost of an ego blow.

    Firstly,you text her or call her and end it.Tell her you do not think you should talk anymore.Then delete her number and move on with life.

    Where do you think this will get you with her?Next she might tell you she'll do all of your friends but you.Then she'll probably act on it,well,that sounds delightful.

    Come on dude,get some balls.You can't be this whipped.

    • I don't have low self esteem. I think very highly of myself. I tried to end it once, but she told me to f*** off and turned it around on me and started playing the victim. I don't crave attention. I hate attention.

    • No,you do have low self esteem.If you didn't,you wouldn't let anyone,girl or boy,treat you like that.Trying isn't enough,you have to actually go through with it.

      "At times though she treats me so good and makes me feel better than I've ever felt in my life."

      You may not purposely seek attention,but the second you get it,you crave more.She give a blow to your ego,you stick around wanting more attention and it's a cycle

  • Why would you allow her to play with your feelings like this. Grow a set and tell her to f*ck off and begin getting yourself aquainted with other female friends.

  • Sorry to hear that. But if there was ever a relationship between you guys it would never work out long term. I'd say disconnect or connection. No texting her, no calling her, no talking to her ect..

    That's if you want it to end

    • I don't want to end it, but I know I should.

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    • I am gonna message u, cause I can't say much here

    • To your update.

      Good on you :D The pain will wear off soon, but your right it can't get any worse. :D

  • I really sorry that happened to you :( I know what it's like to be used. I believe that in order to truly break things off it has to be psychological. Well, that's what helped me. You have to tell yourself that she is no good and believe it.

  • Come on dude, why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you allowing her to continue treating you like crap? You don't deserve it... She is using you. Can't you see? It will never work out if she keeps treating you like that. Grow some balls and stop talking to her goddammit.

    Like Evangelina already said, delete her number and keep moving on with your life. She doesn't deserve your respect.

    What do you really like about her anyway? She sounds really mean and conceited to me.

    You are being quite miserable because of her.

  • I'm glad you called it quits. She doesn't sound like a nice person, & it seemed she was trying to hurt you on purpose for a power trip. I learned a long time ago to never let a man have so much control over me that I'd feel broken if I lost them. No other person can complete me but myself, and no guy is worth my tears. I have so much more to live for & I don't need a man to feel whole. If I were you, I'd take back control & stop letting this woman hurt me. I'd also look at the good things I do have in my life, & acknowledge that I'm a great person who anyone would be lucky to be with. Don't settle for someone who doesn't treat you with respect. I believe if you don't have respect from your partner, you don't have anything. Good Luck!

  • Good for you!i agree with ihatework.

  • You're just going to have to do it!

  • ugh I'm in the same exact situation you are with a guy. in my head I know he's not good to me, he's not worthy, but still, something keeps me attached to him. I have no idea how to help you, but I'm interested in reading other people's advice cause I definitely need it too


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  • Shit man. This is terrible. Is it the same girl? I told you to give her another chance, too. Fuck man.

    Well, I agree with Evangelina and Ihatework, isall I can really say. Just be a d***head to her, man. Say 'I appreciate you comin' round here no more!' and she'll be like, 'f*** off! I'm the victim!' and you can just say 'Suck it, bitch!'. Y'know. Hahah. Well not quite that. But you know, have the self preservation to say things that nobody says apart from in films.

    • Same one.

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    • Haha. I could get those pictures allover the internet, too, probably.

      Yeah? Awh. Wait 'till she has her own house, LOL. I'm sure you can hold a grudge.

    • Well done, man. Well done.

  • You quit texting her, delete her number from your phone, and ignore any contact from her. She's not even treating you like you have any feelings, so you need to kick her to the curb. She's a waste of time to hold onto, expecting that she's going to change. If she feels the need to toy with you now, what kind of drama do you think she's really capable of? There are people who are worth your time, and this girl isn't one of them. YOU decide how people treat you. If she sees you as a target to bully or whatever, then you need to put your foot down on that right now. Demand respect from people and accept nothing less.


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