Does he want me back after his rebound ended?

We broke up. I loved him. He got a girl in like a week. What could I do? Nothing except move on. He didn't want to be friends or have lots of contact which was fine. It helped me move on. I didn't like his new group of friends anyway.

I feel slightly smug as it's though karma has bit him in the ass. Basically, he went abroad for a week. The day he got back at ten, he called me. He said he was feeling weird because he'd broken up with his girlfriend. He said he doesn't feel sad and he'd been looking for an excuse to break up with her anyway. They lasted 5 weeks. I said I was sorry. He then started asking me how I was and about my life. Unsaid I got offers from universities and he seemed genuinely pleased for me. He was joking with me and I said he was funny. He then made a comment about how were not friends and I said why call me then? He said good point. He went from not being friends with me to wanting to meet up for a chat. He said all his friends are falling apart and confided in me. He asked me how many guys I had had sex with since we broke up. He was under the impression I was still sad, so I corrected him and said I'd been fine for about a month - he seemed surprised and perhaps disappointed by this. He then sent me photos from his holiday - all friendly like.

He also called me RIGHT AFTER they broke up - like, within minutes. He also said he always found me hotter.

What does he want?

I'm not exactly interested in him at all - I finally feel good again :) But what the hell does he want? Xxxx


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  • Maybe he wants you back,maybe he wants sex..time will tell.


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