Did I ruin my chance at a relationship? Is he getting me back for saying "not tonight"?

So I met this guy online. We had mutual friends which is why I talked to him. He invited me to hang out with him and his friends for beer pong. I told him sure and I ended up being to drunk to go home so he let me sleep in his bed. I told him before meeting him that I am not the type of person that just has sex with guys, but we ended up making out and fooling around (no sex). A couple days later, I invited him to the movies with my friends and told him he could bring some of his. When he got there, the movie ended up being sold out, but we met up after. We played rockband and talked about random stuff. At one point I caught him staring at me and confronted him by asking him "what." That night he asked me to stay at his place but I declined. He also apologized for being late the movie and missing it (it really wasn't that big of a deal to me because stuff happens). Last night, he hinted around to me staying the night, but then he said he was too tired when I told him I would come over. He said he would message me tomorrow.

First off, does this guy like me? Second, if he does is it just physical? Third, why would he ask me to come over and then say he was too tired. Is he getting me back for telling him no?


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  • Starting off things with alcohol and fooling around makes it really hard to determine what a guy thinks of you. If you want to see whether or not he is sticking around just to see if he can persuade you to sleep with him, then there are some things you can do. 1. Don't end your dates by staying over at his place! Don't make dates to hangout at each others place either. Invite him out to dinner or something else like that. If during these dates, he keeps hinting going back to his place or keeps suggesting it, his intentions are physical.


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  • Don't set a pattern of staying at his house for the night whenever you get together. You haven't even had an official first date, you've just "hung out." He probably only wants sex, or as close to as it as he can get. Go on a date with him, then go home.

  • he didn't ask you, he hinted it. maybe you read the hints wrong


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