How do you get closure?

This is kinda weird, but there was this online game I used to play with my friends all the time. Over the years people became inactive and all stuff then the game switched to a new company and my contact list was deleted. I've lost touch with everybody and I really miss my friends.

Whenever I try to play the game I think about all the good times we had, and it's so depressing. Listening to the games bgm, ads, videos everywhere makes me so sad. I want to play but it reminds me of my old memories. This is retarded and I need closure. Help please. TT_TT


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  • Try searching online for the name of the game and any call signs you can recall. Perhaps there are others who stayed in touch or are looking for others just like yourself. That's about all I can think of at the moment.

  • Wow, good thing guys don't have feelings so they never have to deal with this waste of time. Haha, sux to have feelings! I think I'm gonna go bang another chick and not call her the next day now, cya!


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