Boundaries during a break?

How many people here are still in good terms with an ex if you still have feelings for each other and talk on a daily basis? It's not the first time me and my gf/ex decide to spend time apart but it feels like it gets longer each time. She basically told me that she needed some time alone cz of the conflicting hours (we are in a long distance relationship) and she feels neglected cz of my career (i'm relatively new in my enterprise so I'm trying to make a name for myself).

It's not that that I care less about her but I need to put on the hours at the job if I want to be able to offer the kind of future I want for us and that's probably the main reason why we argue. I know I'm not perfect but I'm not a bad guy either.

Does anyone has intels on how to deal with breaks like this?

Do you believe in getting back together after breaks or are you the one and done type?

And if you went back together, what changes did you bring to make things better?

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Boundaries during a break?
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