Why is my ex girlfriend looking at me like someone she never loved?

Me and my ex-gf/ children's mother were together for 4 years. We had our bad times along with the good. But in the end I made some horrible decisions and got into some trouble. When we split she hated me for everything that happened and we were constantly fighting and cursing each other. She said that she never wanted us back together but she still acts like we are together after a year of being separated. And through this year of separation she was dating someone else and just recently left him. And after she left him we decided to date again but she said she didn't want to make it too serious because of the past. And after a few good nights she has reverted back to treating me like I am a dog who did something wrong. She won't show affection unless I do something she wants me to do. And I am not sure how to get the love back and for her to forgive me and to forget. But she says she loves me but not the way she used to. And having two kids together I see her almost everyday and I still love her with my whole heart but I don't know how to get the flame back?What can I do? Please help me because it is affecting my life and my children's lives. I feel so low and just want her affection


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  • That's because she has already moved on.


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