Is it a good idea to wish your ex a Happy New Year?

He moved to California last May and we haven't spoken in months and I recently found out he's moved onto someone else. He promised we'd be friends, but that obviously hasn't happened.

I have mixed feelings: part of me hates him and doesn't want anything to do with him, and the other part is curious and wants to know how he's doing.

I'm just afraid that talking to him again, even something as simple as "Happy New Year!" would bring up either drama or more hurt. Or, on the other hand, maybe it'd bring some closure and peace of mind. We used to be best friends, so it's kind of a shame we've lost all that. But maybe it's for the best?

I'll probably see him when I visit some friends in Cali this summer, so I don't want anything bad between us. So who knows if contacting him again would make that better or worse...?

Thoughts? Opinions? Do you guys normally wish your ex's happy new year or happy holidays or whatever?
Is it a good idea to wish your ex a Happy New Year?
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