Do OPEN relationships last?

i agreed to be with this guy openly meaning we see other people but we're together which I don't mind but in the end is he gonna want this to be monogamous? or am I wasting my time


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  • If its been 3 years, you need to tell him what you want.. so you can move on and live your life.. it will hurt if one day he all of a sudden breaks things off with you cause one of the other open girls made him choose..I have a friend and him and his fiancee are in a open relationship and she and him have a beautiful baby girl. they live in a open relationship and are very happy with it. I would just review your own thoughts and ask yourself this. if you saw him kissing or fondling another girl would you be mad or jealous? if yes you need to rethink somethings cause you invested more than you wanted to..i don't know if this helps or not.. sorry

    • best answer yet thanks & I've watched him through a relatonship and several side girls and yet I'm still here, I'm hopelessly devoted to a guy that doesn't want to be with me (and I dnt want to be with him) but we have this deep understanding and we both use the Lword so what do you think of us? what do we sound like?

    • i believe there is a difference between being someones best friend and someones lover.. You to may say you love each other but it is possibly just a friend love (kinda like what you feel for a family member).. A true passionate love you will know when that comes to you. you will just randomly think about that person off and on wondering what exactly they are doing. It will feel like you would do anything for that person no matter who or what it affects. Do you get butterflies with this other per

    • person? when he says he loves you do you see it as a comfort or just him saying it cause he feels like he should? there's a lot of things you have to look into and ask yourself what things or actions mean. and this other guy may be waiting for you to actually speak up and tell him you want to see where it goes.. your in a open relationship so be open and flex your wings as well and see what this other guy would want. I don't think it would hurt for you to find out who really wants just you.

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  • stay in it for the sex or get the f--k out lol serious

    • damn like that? I swear I'm in love tho

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    • ok nvm I have no clue your situation sounds fuc-ered

    • lmao it is, you think its possible to lust after someone for that long?

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  • He said open relationship...and you agreed. It's not a huge deal...depending on what your sense of emotional self-control is. This means that YOU make yourself get unemotionally attached to him and start dating other people = REQUIRE that you two only date casually. This means you do NOT ask him out EVER, and tell him nicely that you're not in the mood/busy every few dates when he does ask for one. This means that if you're "busy" you do not suggest rescheduling, but wait for him to ask to reschedule. It also means you start getting busy for real, not to make him jealous (don't even hint about any of it), but just to satisfy you. In the end, being truly unavailable and busy makes you more interesting anyway. You have to start by being unavailable by choice. Kinda sucky situation, but if you really are so emotionally attached right now that you don't think you could resist, just cut him off completely for awhile and say that you want a break, and MAYBE you'll consider an open relationship. That's honest, and the healthiest way to go about this whole thing. What you don't want to do is bottle up emotion and end up resenting him. Open relationships can be fun, but only if you both AGREE...not one of you agreeing out of politeness. It never works. Don't be a martyr for love, and don't overestimate your self-control. Just do what's best for you, because he is. If you honestly don't want an open relationship, then don't be afraid to politely tell him no thanks. Good luck <3


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