Am I the asshole?

Met a girl, we talked. She had a boyfriend. I waited, they broke up. The next year we got together. Things were good, my career progressing, our life together growing. My recovery from drugs is going well, then I decide I no longer want to drink because its holding me back. I had a long history of partying, she did not, she wanted to experience my old life. I wanted to help, I tried to guide her through her experience at a distance... It became too much for me to handle because she was acting suspiciously. I discovered a fake facebook page of hers.(hers not a copycat) discovered that she had tried meth at a rave, uncovered the fact she slept in a hotel with a guy and her best friend (best friend was a tweeker and a widely known slut) I went fishing in California, commercial crab. My season didn't pay out and she wanted me to come home, so did my sister so I could help care for my father. (79 y/o w/dementia) so I called my lady and told her I couldn't come home because I didn't have enough money for a place to live. She told me to come home anyways. I got home and started looking for work. Took me almost a month to find a job.(I'm a framer by trade but I'd torn my meniscus so was unable to.) Found work at a call center for boa. The day I start I get kicked out by her roommate, man in his 30s... We keep dating a while. And then she says shell be unable to keep our dog at her place so she starts looking for a foster family "temporarily". She comes and gets the dog from me, to "meet" the foster family. I called her and asked her to bring him home and she'd sold our fucking dog!!! Permanantly. I broke up with her then and there. Quit my job and lived homeless in my truck for several months in a deep state of depression ( not revolving around the breakup, my entire life fell apart during this time.)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • how would that make you an asshole she didn't care about u, lied to u, and sold ur dog.. she was wrong in every way fuck her

    • I was maybe a bit too involved I don't know. I hated her friends and let her know about it, I'm honest. I don't know...

    • no ur not an asshole for this in any way dont feel bad

    • Thanks man

Most Helpful Guy

  • That structure is painful. It sounded like rap in my head.

    • That's literally the structure of my brain, typed this as fast I thought it.

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  • She seems like a major ass so good riddance to her you just dodged a bullet breaking up with her and you’re not an asshole she’s just a bitch

  • Please use paragraphs next time


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