If you could say anything to your recent ex?

what would it be?

I would tell him that he did me a favor breaking up with me, because after months of heartache I now realize how much of a mistake he was.


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  • ah yes ! that's exactly how I feel I'm happy he f***ed me over s cause it made me open my eyes but even though he apologized to me I would like to say right to his face "F*** YOU, who do you think you are."


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  • I would've done anything for you, because I was in love with you. I would never cheat on you. I didn't deserve to be dumped and insulted by text. If you think you can find someone better go ahead. I'm glad we aren't togther anymore because you never cared about me.

  • I'd tell him to just leave me alone.

    I don't like mind players.

    i did yea want to be friends ages ago but not anymore.

    you caused me a lot of pain and that really not what I asked for.

    so yea I'm sorry I'm not ready to be friends or anything With you And I don't think I'll be even if I was ready.

    and please stop putting sh*t.

    Im not in any relationship with any1 not even with that guy.

    i shouldn't explain that to you but yea well...

    i don't want you,not because of some1 or another relationship,it is because we have um! different life and different needs and the main reason is that I don't want to be in a relationship,i don't want a boyfriend and I don't Want anything like that.

    we both did wrong things to each other don't you think so?

    But I know it is not your fault or even my fault.

    i think if things were different,all this wouldn't happen.

    anyways I said I'm not gonna talk to you but I Just wanted to see how are you,because you really sounds not OK and really in a real stresses,i don't know if that was 1of your games,but wateva you are really making me worry about you.

    i said I don't want to be even friends with you but if you need to talk to someone,im here,feel free and I'm not gonna ditch you or anything..

    but no big deal I'm not looking for anything..

    nothing else X

  • Since you've gone I've lost a chip off the shoulder, and I've grown more than you ever have.

    Remember when I said I'd always be there for you? I didn't know then, but I know now that it was a lie. And when I told you I'd always have feeling for you, it was because I forgot that I was only 19..

    The moment you pulled out of my driveway I was glad it was over. I was glad you lied and said you didn't love me.I was glad you overreacted, I was happy you hated my friends, I was pleased to know that you created each of the problems in your mind and there was nothing I or anyone could do about it.

    So thanks for being spiteful. Thank you for being paranoid that I would do to you what you did to me. And thank you for never calling me back like you said you would, I would have hated to have to ignore your call.

    But more than anything, thank you for loving me and being there for me at the beginning. Thank you for being my first love.

    What we had was beautiful, it was real, and I'm glad nothing really happened. I'm glad we just grew apart and I'm glad it's over.

    I'll always remember us for the greatness we were, and I'll always remember our downfall: distance, spite and misjudgment.

  • I could have loved you and given you everything if only you allowed me to. Instead you closed me off and was selfish. I wasted too much time and energy over you. I'm glad we're not together anymore because you're too cold and too selfish to allow anyone else into your life


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