How do I end all contact with the sweetest girl ever?

I live in San Diego and met a girl visiting from San Fransisco about a month ago. She was talking to my buddy at a lounge but kept looking at me. First off nobody was drunk. Anyways I decided screw it and whispered in her ear may I kiss you? Well we were in each others arms the whole night with an instant connection. We have talked, sexted and texted every day since then. For Christmas I bought her some ski equipment and she said she loves me and says it via text several times a day. At first I thought It was love at first sight, but now its fizzing out. I have a lot going on in my life right now and its affecting my friend life and work because all I do is think about her. She's South American and very emotional so I don't want to crush her! How do I end this?


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  • This is a tough one because you actually like the girl regardless if it is romantic or not. I really believe honesty is best with this one- just tell her exactly what you said, you are feeling overwhelmed and can't seem to get anything done because all your attention is on her. We are always going to be hurt by the fact you guys don't want to spend more time on us but we can also understand why you guys feel that way sometimes. Just make sure this is really what you want. Are you breaking it off because it really is done for you or is it that you really don't have time right now. Just keep this in consideration when you tell her what's going on with you because if you like the chick and think there is a chance you might want to pick back up when you have had some time to yourself- you want to leave yourself that possibility. There is a way to do this without her having to think she has to sit and wait for you. If she is emotional I would try to keep it a clean break but in a nice way. Tell her that you care about her but you just don't have time to be in a relationship right now. This way if you change your mind in the future she will most likely be willing to let you take her out again because you were a man about it . Let her know you won't be contacting her so she doesn't go crazy waiting for your calls. If you do contact her be careful as far as how much you contact her because she might take that as you are secretly trying to tell her you want to get back together. Like I said just be straight to the point but in a gentle way. You sound like a nice guy - I am sure it will work out fine. Good luck :)

    • Thank You! I think I am going to wait until after the New Year. She's skiing this weekend in Tahoe with the girls and I don't want to ruin an awesome time! Happy New Year.

    • No prob. It sucks to be in that sort of situation. Happy new year!

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  • You say only positive things about her, so let me ask you this: If you didn't have so much going on in your life, would you still want to end things with her?

    If the problem isn't the girl, why lose her? If the problem is that she's all you think about, and that's the PROBLEM, all that will change is that you'll spend all your time thinking about how you let her go.

    It sounds like you're caught up in "too much too fast" syndrome, and what you need is some space. Before you get rid of her, try to tell her you've been overwhelmed and that things have been going so fast; you have a lot going on in your life right now and you need to figure things out before getting into a serious relationship. (She'll take your asking for more distance as not liking her or as a sissy breakup, so you need to make sure that she knows you see her as a serious partner)

    That's my recommendation - try to take things slowly and see if you can make things work. You're obviously very fond of this girl so getting cold feet might lead you to regret dropping her. You can always break up with her later if it doesn't work out.


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