On long distance relationships?

Do you think a strong physical and emotional relationships can survive a long distance relationship?

Thing were going well with my partner, would have probably married her eventually but she has gone overseas to study for the next four years. I highly doubt the relationship would survive as we were very physical.

Anyone else in or gone though something similar?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If both of u have the patience to overcome the frustration that can come with a ldr, then yeah it's gonna work. All u need to remind yourselves is that this is temporary , nd four years will sooner or later end and u both will be together again.
    Also it's not bad to plan visiting each other at least once a year if not more.

    • Will try but it's very expensive. Also we gave ourselves the out option if one partner decides to call it quits

    • Then u should both try. Make the efforts and even if it doesn't work out, u won't regret it cuz u would have given it your best.

What Guys Said 1

  • Just think about it that way.. Why would you leave the one you love and decided to spent your entire life with' for just 4 years of less physical contact?
    Where is the point in ending your relationship just because it'd be easier, if it wouldn't make you happier in the long run?
    I'm in a long distance relationship myself for almost four years by now myself and we still have 2 years to go before we can move together.
    Yet.. I know that ending all that is simply not worth it


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