Is he trying to tell me to move on? Did he really mean what he said?

I am somewhat talking/seeing this guy (Alex). He likes me cause he told me. There is nothing official yet. I recently talked to ex of 3 years and we sort of working things out again. Alex asked me if I was seeing anyone else, and I told him the truth about my ex-boyfriend. He then replied, "Good luck with your ex-boyfriend" with a smile.

I am starting to have feelings for Alex. But is he trying to tell me to move on with that comment? Or because he was hurt but didn't want to say anything?


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  • i think you just shot him down bad...i would get really awkward if I was seeing a guy and all of the sudden he told me he was trying to work things out with her, I'd probably never speak to him EVER!...yeah, he's probably moving on


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