How to accept my ex doesn’t want me?

We broke up 2 months ago. He hurt me throughout the whole relationship, and 2 months ago he did something I wasn’t sure I could forgive and I broke up with him. He didn’t fight for me. Later I called him and said that maybe we could work through it, that I could forgive him. He first said he would do anything to get back together, but then the next day he said that he did not want to be together anymore. He said I was perfect in the relationship, that I was good enough for him, that I was the most beautiful in the world, but that our relationship wasn’t enough for him and that it would never work.

I was so hurt that the person who I loved so much looked that way at our relationship, which I put so much effort in. It hurt that the person who decided to get to know me, changed their mind about me and no longer cares for me. (He does not want anything to do with me) I’m having trouble accepting myself, and some moments I feel like I’m not enough. Does anyone know how I can erase these thoughts?


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  • It would be too harsh on you being so nice to him and later rejected, I know it's not easy to accept the fact but to get rid Its better to empty yourself before you move ahead, I know there might be lots and lots of emotions and feelings, frustration cooking around your thoughts, try getting deep into it and pour everything out on paper or socially or if you feel like sharing you can share with me, unless you pour it out those thing will remain in you and might frustrate you or hurt you even more.
    After this you can adapt new hobbies like getting into other shoes and helping, spending time with families, friends etc.
    Make new friends get to know them...

    It did helped me that's why I am sharing with you, I even helped others knowing I won't be gaining anything in return

    • Thank you for the reply! In the first month I kind of analysed my feelings towards him, wrote them down and talked to friends. I’ve also talked to friends about him and also other personal stuff I only talked with him about. Both things have also helped me a lot like you! However, right now I have my exams in university coming up, which means I have to study a lot. I find it really hard to focus and negative thoughts about him constantly distractme. Do you have any advice how to stay focused during studying?

    • I can't say cos during my exams it was too hard even for me, the whole night I tried studying electronic & communication I couldn't even proceed more then 2 pages, so it's kinda little tough, but later when you gain concentration you can do better with grades trust me

  • When he said you were too perfect for him, it didn't mean that the problem was in you, but he meant he wanted a relationship without commitment or responsibilities. the relationship wasn't enough for him because it gave him more than he expected... like love, respect, appreciation, and commitment. refusing all these positive qualities by saying 'too perfect' is proof that the problem is not about you, it's about him.

    the bottom line is, he is not the right guy for you. he may look teary eyed while telling you this, maybe because, in some way or another, he still wants you around. but he chooses to let you go because he wants you to find the real happiness that he has realized he can never give you. the best you can do is accept that this relationship wasn't perfect for you, not for him.


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  • Fuck another's ex..


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  • He hurt you throughout the entire relationship and yet you care that he is now rejecting you. Can you not see how that is screwed up? Being rejected by a piece of shit is a blessing, not a curse. The relationship never made you happy for any sustained period. Chasing more of the same is crazy. Things wouldn't suddenly change overnight, they never do.


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