How can you make sure a guy never breaks up with you?

See I really like this guy that I am dating how can I ensure that we stay together forever. Our relationship has been two years.


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  • Ultimately there's nothing you can do. But I think in the end it comes down to the 2 of you being happy to be together.

    There was research done (I can't remember exactly where I saw it) but on average our inner values keep changing until we are 26. That means your values and such are subject to change until then, and the reason some long term relationships end is because the values of both parties went in different directions.

    So, if you guys change in more or less the same way you'll be fine assuming the circumstances don't change. So my suggestion is to spend a lot of time together and enjoy each others' company. Obviously not to the point where you neglect your friends and other parts of your life, you know.

    There are no certain ways to act or things to do that make sure he won't leave you, except not cheating or doing something dumb, that's a given. But you got into a relationship because you love each other and you love to spend time together. Why can't that be the recipe for keeping the relationship going?

    there is no magic potion in this absurd reality...


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  • There's nothing you can do and that's the very best way to have it - thinking you have any sort of ownship over another person is the worse point of view to have.

    If you're totally into each other and share each other totally, you've got nothing to worry about - check out a recent blog I wrote on 'What is Love' that might give you a better idea what I'm talking about - link

  • duct tape


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  • You can't. Just work on having a strong and healthy relationship with good communication.

  • You can't :)


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