Would he ever come back to me?

okay me & him went out for 3 years. he broke up with me randomly everything was okay expect for the fact the we were barely seeing each other. well I found out he left me for another girl, he is a freshman and she is a senior, they met in one day! one day, they seem to have a lot in common and apparently they are in love already, he made clear he wants nothing to do with me, they been going out for only two weeks but she met his parents already.she is going to the army in 7 months she is already 18 this doesn't seem right to me but he is so into her. what do you guys think? please please give advice because all I want is him back, I swear. /; she isn't right for him..


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  • well what you think is very different from what he thinks. So it really isn't your place to say something about their relationship.

    You don't want to be sitting around...thinking, missing and crying bout him. So you should do things you want to do like socialize with friends (you will prob meet sum new guy), take up on interests and hobbies and eventually get over him. It will be hard at 1st but its so much better this way than sitting at home wanting him back.

    Let him do what he wants...its his decision at the end of the day but just let this situation make you a stronger person because ure better than that. and why would you wanna b with sum1 tht juss breaks up with you randomly and goes with another girl. He will prob do that again to you. He isn't worth it.


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