Why my ex boyfriend has not deleted my number and my mom's number even after me ending everything? He has not even said goodbye?

He just unfollowed me on Instagram but didn't unfriend me on fb and is not even deleting my number nor my moms number and he is not even talking to me?


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  • Wait! If all things have ended; how do you even know that he still has your and your mom's number?

    • I still receive his status updates on whatsapp

    • And why does this matter to you? Aren't you the one who ended every thing... If you truly want things ended... This shouldn't Matter to you

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  • I had been in this position :( cheerup!

    From my experience, there is maybe 2 answer for this :

    1. Maybe he just got bored and want to find other girl. But on the other side he still want to be with you, thats why he still keep your contact in case he didn't get the new one and miss you.

    2. Or maybe he thought its nothing, its already end for him. he didn't feel anything anymore so having your phone number is not his concern. He just doesn't care.

    Just a suggestion from me, if you still love him and thought he is the one, try to contact him again. But actually there is still lot of good guy deserve you.

    • Thank you for your kind words 😊

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  • Yep laziness and maybe incase something happens.

  • Procrastination. Laziness.

  • Most guys don't

    • Any specific reason? Isn't it like giving hope to someone when it's over?

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    • Yess.. I know he doesn't want to retract me i had asked him to delete me from everywhere so i don't affect his life in any way.. And i really want him to delete my number because seeing him hurts

    • Stop being weak delete him yourself can't expect him to sort your life out for u

  • You still miss him. Have you tried to talk to him? It seems his ego doesn't let you to talk to you.

    • No he wants me to stay away as he thinks i bring negativity in his life..

    • Find a guy soon. Don't think about him.

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