Is he feeling me out?

So my ex and I ended with a fight and it’s been three months. We always come back to each other but he did a really shitty thing... so he doesn’t often go on Facebook but maybe now twice a week. I know he had it set up where he got alerts whenever I posted. I was almost feeling like he was checking up on me to see where I’m at and if it’s safe to reach out... so he went on two nights ago and then again at 9 in the morning today and again at 4. If he was talking to someone on messenger wouldn’t it be more often or for longer periods of time? Is he feeling me out? He kept
me as a friend.


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  • Why do you care? This cycle will never change nor will he. You’re not compatible and never will be. Time to face the facts and stop wasting time on a dead end relationship that’ll never go anywhere

    • It actually has nothing to do with our compatibility. It’s outside factors but you’re probably right that it could be a dead end since these factors aren’t all likely to go away. Just sucks because we were great together by all accounts. Timing wasn’t right I guess. And I care because I love him 🤷‍♀️ What can I say sometimes we do that even if we shouldn’t

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  • Sounds like he may be. He also maybe suffering from a case of insecurities as well ;) admit it you were the best part of him

  • The fact it's been 3 months and he hasn't reached out, I hate to say it but he's not coming back!

    I know it's easy to say but you are best moving on and finding someone better😆

    • I don't know maybe in a normal relationship 3 months would mean something but ours was definitely different with the obstacles that I don’t necessarily think the time means anything. I don't know if I’m wrong probably lol

  • sounds like he is trying to move on but still stringing you along just in case because there isn't a safe replacement yet. Just my opinion :/

    • I don’t want to get into it because it’s
      Complicated and I’m going to look bad but I can one hundred percent he isn’t looking
      Elsewhere. He’s not
      Stringing me along either because we don’t even talk. I’m not in denial. But maybe he’s over me

    • probably... if you don't have a connection that you feel. When in doubt go with your gut

    • I felt a connection. And I have the feeling he’ll be back but I don't know when

  • You clearly want him back.

    • I do... I want him back so bad. And we’ve been down the road before where I cut him off and we end up back. He fucked up though and he hasn’t come back yet. Do you think him keeping me as a friend means he looks at my page? From a mans perspective?

    • So go get him dumbass.

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