Domestic violence dropped? Good idea or no?

I personally think its not a good idea to drop the domestic violence case against my ex because i didn't deserve that at all and of course i was 8 months pregnant at the time which didn't make the situation any better, but me and my unborn baby didn't deserve it at all.
So i called the cops to file charges and order a protection order against him.
THEN 3 months later after the baby was born, I've heard from my ex's mom (anita)
I figured she would come in contact with me because my son is her grandbaby, but NO, she only contact me to drop the DV case..
She doesn't want her son to go to jail or prison for what he did and she asks me to drop the case?
What should i do? Im pressured by them! I know this sounds petty but whats in it for me and my son if i drop charges anyway? She and her family dont make effort to come and see their new family member.


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  • Are you asking for us to agree with you? I'm sorry your ex is such a piece of shit but you've already decided to not drop the charges so I am unsure what you are really asking..


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  • I really don't know cause it's hard and try to give him a chance... because things might get uglier!

    Don't make a man feel that he has nothing to lose... unless you were put in a place where you have nothing to lose too

  • I think she should drop it. Think of other people affected here, including your child.


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