Why would a guy do this?

Why would he break up after a year and a half with someone he swore was the love of his life, and then start seeing someone after 2-3 weeks?


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  • He broke up with you with no explanation? Well that's what happens when you date a player/bad boy. You get excitement, and then it flattens. Learn to take the bad with the good.

    Reasons he broke up with you? Too many to list all. Possible reasons however are...he got bored with you, you weren't good in bed, he just wants other girls, he can-and-he-will, he's a player...the list goes on.


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  • because he wanted to replace you quickly

    its painful to break up

    so to get his mind off you he got a another girl .

  • Because he lied. Because people change their minds. Because people change.


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