How do I stop myself from constantly running back to him?

I thought I was over this guy but then he has to be the sweetheart he is and get my feelings back for him again, I don't want to fall for him but I can't help it. he does really sweet kind things for me and treats me like a princess and makes it so hard to hate him.

I know he fucked up big time with me, he doesn't deserve any more chances after the stupid games he played, braking my heart leaving me in a really shitty place for a really long time.

Then I started to think after a couple months of moving on from him I'd try to be friends again after all he was trying to do the same for the sake of the work place (yes unfortunately we work together).

Everything was good, we were just keeping it friendly, saying hi to each other in the mornings into work, having small talk an stuff

Till the other day I was really struggling at work, he was really trying to help me out. Then he left me alone for a bit with this other guy Tom, Tom is just a horrible human to be around in general and was just being a dick to me all day in front of all the new staff and trying to embarrass me when I needed his help which he always says in front of the managers I just need to ask and he will help me if need it but really he just verbally abuses me and is arse hole. Jordan stuck up for me and tried to cheer me up but after I was left with Tom again, he was just being rude and unhelpful again to the point I actually injured myself because of it and a lorry driver took sympathy me and help me out instead.

After that I was really upset, Tom also called me ugly and said I look like a man in front of all the staff, they all laugh and also think it's okay to disrespect me because it's funny to them. So i hid in the toilets to cry and Jordan followed. we had a chat, he made me some tea and cuddled and wiped my tears away. I could just feel all the feelings coming back for him. its so difficult not to just go running back to him after everything when he's so sweet and kind to me.
Soz for the cringe
And yes I'm talking about Jordan


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  • Tom needs to be reported to upper management. You were injured because he want's to look "cool" in front of everyone. That's not acceptable.

    As for Jordan, your feelings will possibly never fully go away. They may fade with time, but never fully go away. So, getting over him fully is near impossible.
    To lessen these feelings, you should look at this from a long term perspective. Is he the type you could see spending the rest of your life with? If the answer is no, then he is the not the type of person you want to go back to. He only meets short term needs, not long term.

    • He is someone I see spending my life with he sometimes the only one who notices me and understands but he probably doesn't want anything to do with me because he knows how messed up I really am.

    • I can't make the decision for you. Only you know exactly what he gives you as far as your needs. If you are willing to take the chance of him possibly playing with your emotions again, that is up to you.
      I, personally, do not give second chances. Once the relationship is over, I consider it over forever. I may remain friends, but I will not become romantically involved. That's just how I am.
      If he is willing to be understanding of your flaws, and you trust him enough, then there is not much any of us can say or do. The choice is completely up to you.
      You just have to really come to the conclusion as to whether you are willing to take another risk of possibly being hurt again.

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  • You need to get away from these evil fuckers, get another job. Move to another state, do something different to what you always do.

  • Just stay away from him, then you won't have to worry about how to deal with your feelings!

  • You know exactly what to do in fact. Not getting back to him.

    • But who to I stop the feelings, I get all warm fuzzy butterflies when we're together and when he hugs me, just don't want to let go.

    • You can't, that's the problem of feeling, they don't work on reason.

      Best you can do is realize they won't go as long as he's near you, and leave. From what I've seen, it's either you cut ties, or go back with him, with the risk of him doing shit again.

  • I like your bio and your pic, it’s cutee 😚


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  • Best profile pictures ever.
    Tom needs to be reported and Jordan needs to be left in the dust.

    • Thanks 😊 I think I'm going to have to do something about Tom eventually I just don't like confrontation at work and find it difficult to stick up myself and talk about my feelings at times out in the open

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