If a guy is already seeing someone..

A guy was with me for a year and a half, we talked about marriage, moving in together, we were meant to be together, etc. He broke it off saying he loved me and would love to get a place with me but not now. 2-3 weeks later he started seeing someone else. But, he still has pictures of us on his profile online with the same emotionally charged captions, but deleted one of my comments. He also still has the photo album of us on there but it's set to private. The girl he's with is friends with him on there too (so I'm sure she's seen them).


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  • Not sure about that one. You can either fight for him or let him go. My guess is that he's afraid of a commitment. So, if you're willing to have something casual with him or postpone marriage for a lot longer, go for it. Otherwise... find someone else.

  • He might be going through some tough times. Are you guys having a long distance type of relationship?


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