Why would he just disappear without a word?

My ex and I were trying to work things out, but he suddenly disappeared after promising to contact me later. I know he's fine because he updates his Facebook and other things regularly. It's been a month since we've talked, and he ignores everything I send to him (I don't send things often. Just to see if he'd reply).

So I was wondering, why a guy would just completely break things off without saying anything? I know now he doesn't want to be with me since he's ignoring me, but why wouldn't he just say so?


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  • want the truth. ,most guys are idiots the reason why he doesn't contact you anymore is because back when he did he wanted to get back with you even if he didn't act like it he still wanted to go back with you and because he realized he won't be getting you back he thought was is the point in talking to someone I wanna go out with but can't might aswell just forget it, its stupid I know since people shouldn't do that but some people do sorry that its bad news I'm putting but at least if I tell you the truth about it you will move on and forget him so you don't get hurt anymore than you already are and can find someone who is worth the effort


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  • On my honest opinion I think its guys way of saying they need some sort of space. The best thing to do is just not message him and let him come to you. hope it helps :)


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