What if I accidentally let those three little words slip?

So I have been "talking" to the same guy for the past 7 months. We aren't dating because it's not of interest for him at this point in his life. But we are basically together. Hang out all the time, buy presents for each other, aren't seeing anyone else.. You get the picture. The thing is, I'm absolutely crazy about him. And lately I've been accidentally letting the L word slip into my mind. I even had a dream that I told him I loved him. So, I'm so scared that I'm accidentally going to say "I love you". I'm not saying it before we're in a relationship and I'm certainly not saying it first. So what should I do if that happens?! I don't want to freak him out...

Forgot to add: He always says I love you but never in a serious way. Always just kidding and to get under my skin. But I've told him that unlike him, I don't throw those words around and only say it when I'm serious. So I can't exactly say "just kidding!"


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  • You can say I mean that in a friendly way!Because I have love for eveyone!

    • Haha I forgot to mention that I have made it very clear to him that I don't say that casually and I never will until I mean it.. So he probably wouldn't buy that.

    • lol.Well I'm sorry I don't kno what the answer to your ? is then!Sorry I couldn't help

    • That's fine. Thanks for trying! :)

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