How should I act towards a guy to let him know I like him?

There is this guy that my group of friends always hangs out with, I'm pretty sure he is interested in me.

I really like him too, but I'm awfully shy and I have no idea what I should say/do to let him know I like him back.

What should I say/do?


Thanks ;)


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  • I think you need to get a little bit more specific with your situation. Just because we are guys doesn't mean we are a "one size fits all" deal. You have to tailor your approach to the guy, his personality, the stage you are at in your interactions with him.

    What I might suggest on first or second meeting isn't the same as some one you've known your whole life. Somebody who you only see at school takes a different approach than somebody you see all the time outside of work/school. How long you've known him, how you met him, when you see him, how often you talk, what you talk about, so on and so forth is going to decided where you are with this guy NOW. Only after you figure out where you are can devise a plan to get to where you want to be with him.


    • Well me and my friends have been hanging out at his place just about eveyweekend for about three months. Me and him always hit it off and have a great time, the thing is we are always drunk so its really hard to get true feelings across. Also, he always sits by me and shares his drinks with me..

      As for him, he is very laid back and "chill" he is never loud or obnoxious.

      We will occasionally chat true text messages, but usually just about what we are doing that night.

    • Well, from what you said there, that's a good thing. Nothing in what you wrote jumped out at me as a negative aspect.

      I'm going to suggest you use this old tactic.

      "I really want to try *insert restaurant here*, but I can't find anyone who wants to go." If he doesn't take that bait, I'd have some serious doubts about whether or not he's interested in you. That's practically the biggest open invitation you can give a guy.

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