My friend called me on Christmas and New Years?

I'm psyched, like what does this mean? He called me on 2 of the biggest holidays. I'm starting to think maybe he likes me. He is not around our area til a few more months. We seen eachtoher before he has left though and I'm excited to see him. Since he's been gone he has been keeping in touch with me by letter. So what should I think?


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  • Well what kinds of things did he say? And does he have a girlfriend? if not then are there some other signs that could mean he might like you? Maybe some things he did before he left? Also if you know any of his friends you can ask them if he talks about you.

    • I know that he doesn't have a girlfriend. He asked me how my Christmas was and how my New Years was and asked how my school semester went and he kind of teased me about some stuff. Well I know that he talks to his sister about me when he calls her. So what do you think?

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    • I mean she said he says "Yea my girl..." and uses my name. Then I told her that when he comes home he'll be coming to stay with me from time to time and she says "It will probably be the whole time" Do you think she knows something that I don't? lol

    • haha. only time will tell. if he calls you his girl then that is a good sign. and if the sister said that, she probably does feel that he likes you.

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