My ex still likes me?

Not too long ago my ex contacted me saying that he still liked me and that he couldn't stop thinking about me. Hinting that he wanted to get back together. Well the next day when I tried to contact him, he wouldn't respond. It seems like he's willing to talk to me but just not about that conversation that we had. He had also mentioned that he had kept his distance from me because he couldn't stop thinking about me. He keeps saying that he's not good enough for me, but that may just be his insecurities that he has about relationships. I was wondering if it would be worth it to try to talk to him again?


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  • Let him chase you if he doesn't come running after you then he isn't worth it. If he really wanted you he would stop at nothing and it wouldn't be just a half hearted attempt, cut him off, ignore him and if he wants you back he will make the effort. You shouldn't have to put any work in-he should do it all but at the moment he just wants you on that piece of string so he can have his cake and eat it. Cut that string and start thinking about yourself and not him.


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  • I'm in the same kind of situation as you but my ex called me drunk to tell me he missed me. Was your ex drunk? Also how long have you been split up?

    I think you do need to ask him outright just be prepared to hear something you may not want to hear - it's not fair of him to string you along and give you false hopes if there is really no hope at all..

    Hope my advice is helpful to you - I know it can be so confusing x


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