Was I right to end my relationship?

My boyfriend and I were only together for about 2 months, but there was a big build up to our relationship... lots of talking, texting etc. So I really fell for him and was willing to really try to make it last, despite the fact we are so different. Anyway, towards the 2 month mark he started seeing less and less of me - he is really close to his friends so I'd never ask him to stop seeing them but on a few occasions he planned to see me and didn't even call to to let me know and just went out with his friends. We live literally 10 min away from each other and I asked if we could plan to definitely see each other once a week (it used to be like 4 times) and he said no and that he doesn't plan things... this went on for a while until I was at my wits end and finished the relationship. Since then he has rung me a few times, asking why I'm being silly etc and I have said I don't think its a relationship if I don't see him once a week or fortnight even.. he refuses to listen and says all his family think I'm demanding. (My mum doesn't like him, she says he messes me about). I properly ended it the other night and asked him not to keep calling me, deep down I really want to be with him I'd just like him to change his ways a little and not mess me around. He is very stubborn and is notorious for not 'getting dumped' and if he doesn't like someone he pretty much tells them where to go... Anyway I've been getting over it and then last night when I got out of the pub I had a missed call off him (at around 20 past 9) I text him at 12 ish when I got out, asking why he had rang but got no reply. Why has he done this? Does he not care? Was I out of line?


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  • Probably a drunken urge, or a booty call before he passed out. You did the right thing in leaving him, your mother was spot on (they usually are).

    • Hmmm.. he replied to me like 24 hours later :| saying he wanted to see me :s but not like at his house just meet me or something so I text him basically saying I missed him etc and received no reply, I sent one more a day later saying I can't believe you didn't reply even if you don't feel the same and he said ok.

      Your so right!

    • I always am ;)

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  • block his #


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